DISC - SuiteBot II

DISC - SuiteBot 2018

Do you want to let your code compete against others? Then you will love our SuiteBot tournament!

In the SuiteBot tournament, you will be creating an AI for a simple game. You will code your bot, watch your bot fight other bots, improve the bot for next round and maybe win some valuable prizes in the end! Plus you will have fun and learn some valuable programming skills.

We strived to make the game rules interesting to play and adrenaline to watch :) The rules are top-secret up to the very start of the tournament, however you can check out a replay from a previous event below. There will be some similarities.

We have designed the game so Test-Driven-Development is an advantage, but you can code anyhow you like.

Do you like to code alone? Then enroll yourself in!

Do you like to code with someone? Bring one of your friends too and do pair-programming!


SuiteBot tournament will be part of DISC conference. Make sure you are registered to it.

After you are registered to DISC, please write an e-mail to Petra Růžičková <[email protected]>. To speed things up on the DISC day, it is best to have a starter package installed on your laptop. We will contact you as soon as the starter package is available.


Impact hub
Cyrilská 7
602 00 Brno


Saturday 15 September 2018
A brief presentation on TDD will start at 9:15. The actual tournament will start at 9:45

  • 09:15 Test Driven Development seminar.
  • 10:00 Introduction. Explaining game rules.
  • 10:30 Start coding.
  • 11:40 Round 1.
  • 13:00 Round 2 + lunch
  • 13:50 Round 3.
  • 14:40 Round 4.
  • 15:30 Round 5 - final tournament battle.
  • 15:40 - 16:00 Announcing winners.
  • 16:00 - 16:45 Live refactoring session.